Fresh Start Books

Since using the Fresh Start book as a resource for those who have just made a salvation decision in our services, we’ve seen a 140% increase in people taking the next step and connecting with someone on our team.

This resource is now available to your church at special bulk pricing rates for cases of 100 books. Also included with your first order of a case or more is our Pastor’s Kit:

  • 1 case (100 books) – $300/case
  • 3 cases or more – $250/case

The Holy Spirit Today

Have you ever been unsure about who the Holy Spirit is or His role in your life? The Holy Spirit isn’t complicated, spooky or confusing – simply put, the Holy Spirit is a helper that God has given to believers. By studying God’s Word, we can get the right perspective on the Holy Spirit and understand this gift God has made available to us. This booklet shows why the Holy Spirit is an essential part of every believer’s life in a way that’s easy to understand and apply to everyday living.

Moving Forward

Let go of what holds you back and fulfill your purpose. Far too many people are not living up to their full potential, limited by bad habits and past hang-ups from which they just can’t seem to break free to. Unforgiveness, addictive behavior, unhealthy financial patterns–limitations come in all shapes and sizes. Breaking free from any of them starts the same way: by walking in the truth.

Worry Free Finances

In a volatile economy, can we ever truly be free of worry and anxiety about our finances? John Siebeling answers that question with an emphatic yes. It’s not about making more money, it’s about three simple, biblical steps that apply to all of us, no matter what our income: tithe consistently, manage responsibly, and build a spirit of generosity.


Many people spend their lives struggling to move past the things that hold them back, stuck fighting the same challenges for years. But God has an incredible life designed for each of us, and he has given us the keys to move forward into that life. In Momentum, John Siebeling identifies and unpacks five principles found in the Lord’s Prayer that will help every person move forward in life.